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R3mote.io Case Study:  Remote Tank Measurement (Fuel Delivery) 

Fuel delivery is a time consuming and costly process, composed of an inefficient web of routes serviced by a fleet of trucks on disconnected and arbitrary schedules. Trucks travel from tank-to-tank without knowing whether or not the tanks even need to be filled up, or whether there are nearby tanks that could also be filled up, or even how much fuel needs to be delivered. Drivers travel from tank-to-tank, fill the required amount (if necessary), record it in a work order book and share it with their agent. However, they do this without knowing whether or not the tanks even need to be filled up, how much fuel needs to be delivered – and the missed opportunity of filling up nearby tanks that might also need attention. Multiplied by hundreds and thousands of tanks, it’s easy to see the huge potential for savings. 

But what if …you could add value to your tank service by offering proactive pickups and deliveries to your customers, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction in the process?

What if … you could minimize the number of trips and amount of fuel used, by optimizing routes and dispatching fewer trucks at fewer intervals? 

What if … you knew in advance which tanks actually needed fuel delivery – when, where and how much - using predictive analysis and machine learning?

What if… you could reduce costs while maximizing operational efficiency, and promote your marketability?


Now you can for a low monthly fee, with R3mote.io


R3mote.io’ s Remote Tank Measurement solution uses a network of smart sensors to relay timely tank data to a secure website, which can be accessed by authorized users via laptop or mobile device. The system enables users to initiate proactive sales calls to full up customer tanks, and provides users with data analytics and tools to monitor their fuel tanks and optimize routes by skipping tanks that don’t need any attention. The system also gathers important tank information daily and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

 Our platform reduces trucking costs and increases ROI. Preventing just one wasted trip per week would amount to 40% savings over the course of a full year.

R3mote.io provides customers with a customized technology solution to optimize and enhance their competitive advantage.  View customer contract information so that you can initiate sales calls and fill up their tanks. We offer flexible pricing options through an affordable monthly subscription fee for both our hardware and software.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you add value to your tank service, optimize pickup and delivery routes, improve order accuracy, increase visibility and accountability, AND grow your business?




Why limit your business to an individual software tool? You should not have to make you business mold to an off the shelf solution. Why log into multiple systems to get your operational data?

R3mote.io (R3) provides custom Platform as a Service (PaaS) for IoT solutions that give companies a competitive edge. We can create or integrate existing solution into a single platform. From there you’ll have the ability to full customize the user interface to meet you specific business needs.

R3 uses remote sensors to increase operational efficiency and improve data-driven decision-making. Partnered up with the leading industry providers, we can truly be your trusted provider for digital transformation.

Regardless of industry and company size, R3 provides innovative value-add solutions to match client needs today and tomorrow. 



We build complete IoT solutions (hardware and software) that seamlessly integrate with existing systems.


Increase Efficiency

Decrease Risk

Improve Client Satisfaction

Enhance Competitive Advantage




Examples of IoT solutions that we’ve built for our clients include:

  • Tank Monitoring (Chemical, Fuel, Waste)

  • Inventory Management

  • Pressure, H2S and Temperature Monitoring

  • Leak Detection / Remote Callouts

  • Pipeline Wear Detection

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Asset Tracking/Fleet Management

  • Existing Solution Integration